Giving you empowering, supportive & evidence based guidance for the first few years of parenthood.

One day sunday course - 11am - 4pm (inc. lunch) - £125/couple (£70/one)

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You’ve made it through the first few months. A bit bleary eyed perhaps, but you’re here, you’re all fed, clothed and smiling (at least most of the time!) and you’re getting the hang of it. And then….it occurs to you, that you have to work out to actually parent them.

Or perhaps you now have another one (or more!) here, or on the way and the toddler years have properly hit with force. Your sweet, peaceful baby is now becoming a strong-willed and independent little person and it is swiftly becoming a battle of wills.

Whether you are just heading into the next phase of parenting and would like to feel more prepared, or you are already in the midst of it in all its glory, this course is here for you.

Evidence based, practical and helpful, the course will guide you through the stage you and your little one are at, and help you find your own parenting ‘style’. We will unpack your baby/child’s development, and simply provide you with the understanding and skills to feel more confident in your parenting decisions with a positive framework, gentle techniques and practical tools you can use and apply. Do have a look below for a more detailed breakdown of what we will cover on the day.


Led by experienced Primary School Teacher, Sling Consultant, and local parent, Katharine Boylan, the One Day Parenting Course runs on a Sunday from 11am until 4pm and includes a cracking pub lunch (the roasts are amazing) and coffee on arrival.

The course takes place in the lovely private upstairs room, Blake’s, at The Clockhouse, SE22, overlooking Peckham Rye. You are very welcome to bring your baby, although if you have a toddler, you may find it easier to focus without them. If you would both like to attend the course and childcare is a problem, you are very welcome for one of you attend one date, and the other the following one for the same couples price. Please do get in touch if you have any questions or queries.


Some of what we will cover:


Why do they have tantrums? What can I possibly do to help them when they’re tantruming? Should I be trying to stop them? Why do they have such strong feelings? How can I cope with them?


How ‘strict’ should I be? How and when should I say no? What about the naughty step/time out? How can I have a more positive and calm approach? How can I make my toddler feel confident and happy?


How can I effectively get my little one to listen to me? How can I just get them dressed and out of the house without a battle? How can we work together rather than against each other? How can we make bedtimes smoother?

BRAIN DEVELOPMENT and capabilities

What is actually going on inside their little heads? Why do they behave the way they do? How can I support and help them develop? What can they actually do and understand? How should that impact my expectations of them?

Plus….a take home guide with practical tips and reminders, and further online support.