If you would like a little more peaceful time and attention in the comfort of your own home, then let us come to you for a home appointment. We will bring a selection of carefully chosen slings and carriers to your home so you can stay warm and comfy at home, and we won’t judge if you’re still in your pyjamas!

Available on Monday mornings, or alternate Fridays, please just book in below. The home consultations cost £65 and last up to 1.5 hours and also include one week's hire of any sling or carrier so you can get a proper chance to try it out afterwards. 

Please have a look at the map to see the areas we cover.

Alternatively, you may prefer to arrange to get together with others to have a Group Consultation - perhaps with some of your antenatal or NCT group or other local parents. This can be a great way to have a personalised session with similar aged babies, or babies who are on the way. The cost is £65 for the base call out rate, and then £10 for each additional adult beyond the ‘host’. The cost includes a free week’s hire for each attendee (worth up to £9 each). Group Consultations are available every Monday morning, and alternate Friday morning. Please see the above map for the areas covered.

If you live a bit further away, or can’t make it to our drop ins, or perhaps would just like a fit check on your sling, or some advice without leaving home, then we also offer Skype/Whats App consultations on a Monday morning, or alternate Friday mornings.

You can also choose to gift a consultation to a friend or relative to help them on their way with carrying their baby. This makes a really lovely and unique gift to new parents and can make a huge difference on their parenting journey.