What should my baby (and I!) wear in the cold?

This is something we get asked so much! And for obvious reason. We don't want our little ones to get chilly when the British weather is bleak and grey (so that would be most of the time then), but don't want them to overheat if they are snuggled in against us or we're going into over-heated cafes and shops. And what about me? How can I stay warm? Should my coat go over or under the baby? Will I get too hot?


The best way for you both to keep warm, but not overheat, is to use layers. Remember that the sling counts as a layer for the baby, and they then have your body heat too. And if you are using a stretchy wrap, then there are actually three layers over the baby. As a rule of thumb, start the baby in what they would wear indoors (e.g. a vest and a sleepsuit) and then add layers onto the extremities, or the bits sticking out. So a hat on their heads, and something to cover their feet and lower legs. You can use some leg warmers (yes, we do baby leg warmers - too cute!) or some larger sized socks (toddler sized, or even your ones would do) are easier to get on and off without squashing their little toes. If it is particularly chilly, then a cardigan or soft jacket on them as well might be a good idea. You can leave it undone if necessary as their chests will be being kept warm against you. Keep away from bulky snowsuits which not only can be too hot for the baby, but also mean it's tricky to get them into an optimal position in the sling or carrier. Remember you can check their core temperature by gently feeling on their back between the shoulders - feeling their head/hands/feet can be misleading. 


Again, layers are better here. You might find it more comfortable to start with less between you and the baby if possible - it's not much fun putting the baby and sling over a thick wooly jumper, and then find yourself 'gently' perspiring as you rock a baby off to sleep or get stuck indoors somewhere central heated getting far too hot. So layering up with cardigans, hoodies or jackets over the top of a lighter top can be better. You might find that a larger coat can go around both of you if your baby is still little, or an extra large hoodie can work well. We have some lovely special baby wearing hoodies which are designed with space to go over you and your little one. We also stock Mamalila coats to hire which have extra panels to go around the baby which you can give a try to see you through the particularly chilly weather. Or we do also do sling covers which are waterproof and lined with fleece which attach onto the sling to keep you and the baby cozy. If you usually wear a scarf, then just make sure there isn't any excess material around the babies face and you can see them and that their airways are clear. 

Hopefully this will help keep out the cold and make sure you both stay nice and cozy...we've heard there's snow forecast for next week! Layer up folks.